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Academic Coaching &
Parent Support

Elevate  your child's potential with comprehensive approaches. Learn how to delegate your student success program, no matter the school type. 

  • Accelerated Learning and Professional Development

  • Personalized Guidance for Home Educators

  • Dedicated Personalized Learning Journeys 

Empower Yourself. 

Engage Your Child.

12-Months of Parent Coaching & Academic Support.

Course Structure

We are opening our coaching and community package to a select group of parents.

You will need to fill out a survey prior to being given access to our beta group.  As a part of participating, we ask that you give frequent feedback so that we can work to improve our services as we transition to digital. 

Below are a few topics slated for discussion;

Parent Advocacy: When Educators Ignore Your Request for Special Needs Assessments

Most parents experience a point when they see sparks of ingenuity in their child.  Unfortunately, most traditional schools are not equipped to test every child for unique learning opportunities. This course helps a parent understand the need for talent identification at all stages of learning, and what they can do to 'peacefully' advocate for support. 

From Building Up to Burning Out: Navigating the "Letdowns" of Academic Meltdowns

Every child is born with a unique ability to solve problems. However, even gifted children have a high chance of being overwhelmed to the point of burning out. The challenge is understanding how to help them communicate in a way that does not lead to an academic meltdown.  This seminar empowers parents with simple tools to keep a child internally motivated. 

Back to Basics: Navigating Social Boundaries, Self-Care, Scheduling, and Spontaneity

Juggling multiple hats for yourself and your child leads to the stress that has you seeking ways to relieve parenting anxiety.  Most of this comes from the way we navigate our immediate world- without much of a village that was available in previous generations.  Join this most rewarding workshop that helps you support your child from a place of serenity. 

Academic Coaching: Primary 

We will host multiple conferences on early childhood development, especially from the framework of talent identification.  

Academic Coaching: Middle School

We will host multiple conferences on tween and early adolescent development and how to navigate and prepare for the teen years. 

Academic Coaching: High School

We will host multiple conferences about pre-college, student success, and expanding network opportunities. 

Should You Attend All of These Even if Your Child is Younger/Older?  

Yes.  Here's Why.

Regardless of your child's age, we encourage your interaction with all the material.  The more you engage, the more opportunities we provide for you. 

In other words, as you help us, we help you!

If your child is older, you will gain insight about what was missed in the early years, and how to recover from missed opportunities.  If your child is younger, you are prepared to recognize opportunities for your child and how to support them.  

In our 20 years of educational consulting, most parents save (or earn!) more than two-thirds of the cost of a 4-year degree by implementing the personalized strategies we offer.  


Commonly Asked Questions

Here Are Some Commonly Asked Questions

What does the Academic Networks, Inc. student success program offer?

The program provides a comprehensive 'ecosystem' of academic support.  This includes Talent Identification, Academic Coaching, and Parent Support.  College Planning, and Test Prep/Test Strategy services are our most requested services. 

How is Academic Networks, Inc. different from other Academic Coaching?

Academic Networks, Inc. stands out by providing actions that reduce the time to effectiveness.  On average, parents report spending 12-18 minutes daily on supporting their child's academic goal, vs. 1-2 hours daily (in addition to homework, conferences, etc.).  

What is included in the Parenting Advocate Service offered by Academic Networks, Inc.?

The Parenting Advocate service has multiple options.  Most parents opt for 2 private sessions per month, depending on the number of children in their care and specialized needs. It also includes access to a digital learning center with extra resources, introductions to mentors, and workshop retreats. 

How does Academic Networks, Inc. help parents relieve anxiety about their child's academics?

By providing a comprehensive approach to building an "Academic Ecosystem", parents are guided through a Student Success Blueprint that eases anxiety and improves the ability to parent without pressure.

Are the sessions at Academic Networks, Inc. recorded?

Some sessions are recorded and made available to ensure parents can revisit and review the content covered during the program. Others may be made available only through subscription. 

How does Academic Networks, Inc. support parents in their child's academic journey?

Through neuroscience and experiential discovery, we believe children who learn from anxiety often imitate versus innovate.  This means they never rise to their fullest potential. Students who are given a balance of structure and agency often become the "innovators" and creators in their generation. Parent support sessions are designed to help parents release the idea of "pushing" their children into a box, and embrace the role of creating pathways that motivate meaningful academic development.

Empower Yourself. 

 Empower Your Child. 

 12-Months of Parent Coaching & Academic Support.